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BRAND: Clevite

TriArmour Main Bearing Set .010"
Suit SB Ford 289-302 & 5.0L Windsor

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TriArmour Series Bearings

The exclusive Clevite TriArmor engine bearings feature the industry's only moly/graphite treatment. This sophisticated blend, in a low friction PTFe polymer base, offers extraordinary protection and lubricity. enhanced wear characteristics increase bearing life in race engines and high performance street engines.

Now, high performance engine builders can enjoy the strength and durability of the legendary Clevite TriMetal bearing construction coupled with the latest in coating technology - right out of the box.

The line of Clevite TriArmor rod and main bearings include popular Ford, GM and Chrysler models as well as popular Sport Compact applications.

Exclusive Moly/Graphite Treatment

For years, engine builders have experimented with coating engine bearings for race engines and high street engines, with varying degrees of success. Now, Mahle Clevite engineers, after extensive research and development, have devised TriArmor, a proprietary blend of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and graphite all carried in an inert polymer substrate.

Central to this breakthrough is the exclusive use of graphite and unique application and low temperature cure processes. These processes provide extremely uniform thickness coupled with unparalleled adhesion, all while protecting the metallurgical integrity of the bearing during the coating procedure.

The result? A thin protective coating that offers:

  • Reduced friction and drag, resulting in increased horsepower
  • Protection during start-up
  • embedability to resist damage from debris
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures
  • Conformability for distressed or imperfect surfaces
  • extraordinary strength and durability

TriArmor Features & Benefits

In developing TriArmor materials and processing, MAHLE Clevite engineers relied on the science of Tribology, the study of design, friction, wear, and lubrication characteristics of interacting surfaces. With our existing body of knowledge based on decades of producing bearings for street and track, this model enabled us to produce the most advanced and efficient coating material possible. The PTFE carrier material gives good low load start-up protection. The moly serves as a high pressure, high load dry film anti-wear agent. Graphite provides additional protection across a broad range of temperatures, especially when oil flow is marginal and is especially slippery with an oil film.

Exclusive Clevite TriArmor Features:

  • Moly/graphite compound
  • Coverage for Ford, GM and Chrysler as well as popular Sport Compact Applications
  • Parting lines not coated
  • Legendary Clevite quality

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