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Elite Race Solid Roller Lifters
Suit SB Chev 262-400 With .904" Lifter Bore, .180" Offset

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Elite Race Solid Roller Lifters

If you're looking for the ultimate lifter to withstand even the most demanding racing conditions, look no further. The COMP Cams Elite Race Lifters feature a host of advantages over competing race lifter designs, including an SAE 8620 stainless steel alloy body that is CNC-machined and REM-finished, SAE 9310 steel alloy wheels that are micro-polished and micro-sized and needles that are made from 52100 bearing steel and micro-sorted with a controlled contour profile.

These lifters feature an exclusive body design that does not include an oil band, maximising rigidity and reducing lifter bushing wear. While the construction and body design make them incredibly strong, the Elite Race Lifters are also lightweight, with each lifter weighing less than 100 grams individually. All lifter bodies are "tall" and will clear both stock and aftermarket .300" tall lifter bores and will properly fit either 5/16" or 3/8" ball pushrods.

One of the most critical elements of this lifter design is the fact that the oversized (.400") axles are pinned and feature an internal oil passage for direct pressurised oiling to the needles. And with this pressure fed oiling you get wear-reducing engine lubrication when and where you need it the most. The oil actually flows through the center and the top of the axle - directly to the needles.

For maximum control and durability in high-RPM race applications, these lifters also feature captured link bars and an exclusive modular pushrod seat design that allows the pushrod insert to be swapped out for centered, left or right offsets. And with our patent-pending oil control through the pushrod insert, engine builders can modify the lifter to meter extra oil to the top as desired.

Elite Race Lifters are fully heat-treated, machined to high tolerances and are available for a number of Chevy, Ford and Chrysler applications. A complete application listing is on the following pages.

The four main features of Elite race Solid Roller Lifters:

  1. Modular Design - Pushrod seat insert can be changed for centered, left or right offsets. A patent-pending design allowing oil control through the pushrod insert lets builders modify lifters to meter extra oil to the top.
  2. Tool Steel, Pinned Axles - .400" Axles (extra large for maximum load support) allow for extra needle bearings (total of 23) for optimum load distribution. Needles are constructed from 52100 bearing steel and are micro-sorted with a contoured profile.
  3. Pressure-Fed Oiling - Center and top axle oil outlets for lubrication through the axle, directly to the needles - exactly where you need it.
  4. Captured Link Bars - Designed specifically for race and high-RPM applications, captured link and durability.

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