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Digital Thermatic Fan Switch with 1/4" NPT Temp Sensor

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This kit comes with two sensors offering a host of different installation options for coolant temperature sensing.

Sensor 1: Temperature Probe (Air or Coolant Fitment)
It senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator with the sensor placed in the radiator fin section or the sensor can also be placed directly into the coolant system in combination with a Temperature Sensor Adaptor Kit (Part 0409) which is available from our store.

Sensor 2: 1/4 NPT Thermal Sensor Kit (Coolant Fitment Only)
The Thermal Sensor can be placed into the thermostat housing, engine block, or directly into the radiator. If you would like to install this sensor in the top radiator hose, It can also be used with Temperature Sensor Adaptor Kit (Part 0409) which is available from our store.

The switch can run 1 or 2 fans and be used for 12 or 24 volt applications. It has an adjustable temperature range of 40°C to 110°C (104°F to 230°F) which can show Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

  • Fan #1 will start once the temperature reaches the set temperature.
  • F an #2 (if applicable) will start operation 10 seconds after fan #1 starts.
The fan/s will operate until the temperature falls by 5°C below the set temperature.

Sensor Wire length:
  • 142cm in total (Wire from switch 112cm plus sensor connector 30cm)
  • Post 15-Dec-2021 = 320cm total (Wire from switch 290cm plus sensor connector 30cm)
* The sensor wire has been increased to 320cm from the 15-Dec-2021, batch date 2021

IP66 Rated:
  • Protected from total dust ingress
  • Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction, limited ingress protection
  • Not waterproof

* Notes: Kit sold in 12 volt configuration, for 24 volt application you will need to change the two relays with 2 x 24 volt relays which are not supplied in the kit. We have 24 Volt relays listed on our store, part #0534.

If using this switch for use with and Electric Water Pump (EWP), it will not vary the speed of the pump in response to engine temperature but rather turn the pump on and off at your set temperature. For EWP control, we recommend the Digital Controller (Part 8002) which can manage both the EWP and your Thermatic Fans.

Convenient push-button settings allow you to quickly set the temperature you wish the Thermatic Fans to be activated.

  • The Digital Thermatic Fan Switch is supplied with connectors and everything you need for a convenient and simple install.
  • Automatically activates the Thermatic Fans at the set/targeted temperature when extra engine cooling is required
  • Can also be installed to activate an Electric Water Pump and Electric Booster Pump

The Digital Thermatic Twin Fan Switch should be mounted in the engine bay close to the radiator.

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