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Pro Mag 12LT Magneto - Black
SB/BB Chevy, 12 Amp Magneto, Lightweight, Bronze Gear, STD Length

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  • Accurate and maintenance-free magnetic pickup replaces points.
  • Powerful rare earth magnets never require charging.
  • Special power circuit requires no batteries.
  • Only requires 200 - 250 rpm to start the engine.
  • Fully locked-out timing with options to incorporate a crank trigger system.
  • Compact billet housing is 3.5" in diameter for increased manifold/injector clearance.
  • Rynite injection moulded cap and locking rotor.
  • Generator mounts to the housing for easy timing adjustments.
  • Almost 30% lighter than the standard 12 amp generator.

With 12 amps of primary current and powerful sparks that last for up to 26° of crankshaft rotation, the Pro Mag 12 is more than capable of lighting your race fuel completely for total combustion and the most power. Of course, all this spark energy is useless without accurate ignition timing. To ma ke sure the Pro es the spark plugs at the exact moment, our engineers did away with mechanical points in favour of our race proven magnetic pickup to trigger the Pro Mag. This pickup is much more accurate than points and never requires adjustment or replacement. A precision manufactured reluctor attached to the Mag shaft is responsible for triggering the mag pickup at the precise moment.

This trigger signal goes into the Electronic Points Box (PN MSD8106 sold separately) that also houses the coil and rev limiting functions of the Mag. Here the generator's spark energy is controlled through unique electrical circuits and delivered to the epoxy filled coil where the voltage is stepped up through specially designed windings.

Designed with Sprint cars in mind, the Pro Mag 12LT is almost 30% lighter than the original Pro Mag, but still produces the same incredible power. The compact housing also sits an inch lower for improved clearance of the fuel injection plus features a band clamp mo unt ents. This unique design is available for Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler engines! While we were at it, we designed a new cap and rotor exclusively for the 12LT series. The cap is injection moulded from DuPont Rynite material which carries high dielectric properties and strength. The rotor is also moulded from Rynite and is a unique design that clamps to the shaft with a retaining bolt assembly. Each Pro Mag 12LT is supplied with a bronze gear, band clamp, cap and rotor.

Spark Energy: 300 millijoules (at the gap)
Primary Current: 12 Amps
Secondary Voltage: 40,000 Volts
Secondary Current: 200 Milliamp
Spark Series Duration: 26° Crankshaft Rotation
RPM Rating: through 14,000 RPM

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